Christmas Nail Art Ideas - Easy and Simple Design

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,
Oh, what fun it is to ride, in a one horse open sleigh !!!

Christmas is the festival of fun and celebration.This festival mainly associated with Santa Claus.On this occasion, we are prepared delicious food and drinks, decorates our home, Christmas tree, get-together with friends, choose our dress, hairstyle according to Christmas. But this year, i want to do different things, so, i am searching on internet. I found the amazing nail art designs for Christmas. I am so excited to share my search with you all. 

These nail art designs are really interesting and creative  for Christmas. You can use a different color of nail polish, but all symbols are red, green, blue, silver, golden and white in color. Santa, Santa deer, Christmas tree, Snowman are common symbols.

You can imagine your own favorite symbol and try on your nails. You can also use glitter nail polish, it also looks amazing. I am sure you will find yours beautiful nail art design and try it on this Christmas eve. Enjoy the gallery and have a lovely Christmas.

Christmas Nail Art Ideas

Santa Nail Art Design

Santa Hats, Santa face nail art is very unique and looks awesome in Christmas.

In this image, only two nail polish color is used- Red and White. For this Santa hat design, first you apply one coat of transparent nail polish, than make red color triangle. After few minutes, use white nail paint for rest of design.

In this second image, four nail polish colors are used- Red, White, Black and Beige. Before, making Santa face, apply one coat of beige or nude color nail polish.

This image looks very sober and classy.

In this image, Only one Santa face is there. If you do not have much time than you can try this design.

Cute Snowman Nail Art Design

Snowman nail art designs are so easy and simple.You can either try this snowman on one of your nails or on each of your nails. As you all know that colors for the snowman design are of course white for the body, black for the eyes, and orange for the carrot nose. You can add some snowflake designs too and get the perfect winter design.

In this image, Glitter red, white, black, green , orange nail polish color are used. This is very simple design, apply on coat of  red glitter nail polish on all of your nails than make a two dots of white nail paint with the help of toothpick. Complete the rest of design.

This is very cute face of snowman nail art design.

   This is frosty snowman design.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Nail Art Design

These reindeer face looks so damn adorable. Try this nail art design and I am sure you feel so unique.


Christmas Tree Nail Art Design

This nail art design also very easy, apply one coat of your favorite color nail polish as a base. Stick small two strips of cello tape and make a edge of triangle than fill this triangle with a green color nail polish. You can decorate your tree with some glitter and star sticker.


Gift Wrap Nail Art Design

This is very colorful idea, you can choose your favorite colors. Apply your favorite color nail polish on all nails than with the help of toothpick draw line like this.
If you are not able to draw perfect lines,than use thin strips of golden or silver tape.


Being a women, Nails play an important role in your personality because they can make your hands looks  beautiful, but also they reflects your care about your health and looks.  
I hope you like my collection and try these nail art ideas on this Christmas. 
Try and Enjoy !!!