Best Foot Care tips for Beautiful and Happy Feet- Keep your Feet Soft and Beautiful

Everyone wants to look perfect, but healthy skin and your proper care reflects your whole personality. You do makeup, wear beautiful clothes and accessories to look beautiful but if your forget your feet, sometime it can be embarrassing and painful at the same time. Anyone looses his or her charm because of these dry and unkempt feet. These feet reflects your health and your improper care for your skin.

If I ask- Who wants to have soft and pretty feet? Than your answer is obvious, YESS...I want

In our daily life, we do not have much time to do everything for our body but if we want to look good and beautiful than you have to do proper care and daily skin care regime. These daily routine does not take much time and money. If you want to keep your feet looking their best, you have to take steps to preserve and maintain them. 

Best Foot Care Tips For Beautiful and Happy Feet

Here are the best foot care tips to keep your feet looking their best and beautiful. 

Wear Comfortable and Fit Shoes  

If you wear wrong shoes, it will down you feet very quickly. Too small, tight fit or shoes that rub your feet in wrong way can causes blisters, rashes and corns. You should always wears comfortable, well-fitting shoes, whenever possible. You should be careful when bringing home a new pair of shoe.

Soak Your Feet regularly

At night, after a long day of your work, your feet feels tired and dirty. To keep them clean and relax than it will takes a little effort. Follow these steps and pamper your feet-
  • Take a bucket of lukewarm water.
  • Add a liquid soap, lemon juice and 1 tbsp salt into the warm water.
  • Slowly dip your feet into the water and keep it soaking about 10-15 minutes.
  • Using a scrub or pumice stone, remove dead skin cells.
Do theses steps twice a week to see a good results.

Scrub your feet

Scrub your feet with good foot scrub. You can use a market bought foot scrub or homemade foot scrub. Apply foot scrub on your wet feet and massage it in circular motion on a dry areas. It helps to remove black and dry dead skin cells from your feet, and make them clean and smooth. Many times, I always used homemade foot scrub which is very simple and effective. So, I share with you my simple homemade food scrub- Sugar and baby oil scrub.
This is very simple and anyone can make this foot scrub. 
  • Take a half cup of sugar and 2 tbsp baby oil, mix it well. Apply this mixture on your feet and massage it slowly.
This being a very simple process, anyone can easily make this scrub and leave the feet perfectly free of dead cells and calluses. You need a bowl of sugar and ½ a cup of baby oil. Mix well and scrub the hard areas of your feet thoroughly.Doing this whenever you feel that the feet are developing roughness and calluses will make sure that they are well nourished and moisturised and you have no cause for complaining after your pedicure session.
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Remove Nail Polish 

Wearing a matching nail paint is good and enhance you feet beauty but overtime same layer of nail paint can down your nails. You should change your nail polish in a weak, for few hours let your nails nail-polish free. When apply new layer of nail polish, be sure to remove all of the old layer of old color. It gives strengthen your nails.

Nails Trimming

You should trim your nails regularly, broken and ingrown nails are not so good. They are painful and causes discomfort. Do not cut your nail too short and prevents the cuticles as this can also so painful and sensitive.


Above all processes, moisturisation is also very essential part for our skin. Moisturisation keeps your feet soft and smooth like a baby feet. Your feet needs more moisture than your whole body parts. Apply thick layer of good foot cream on your feet and massage it, and put on pair of socks overnight. This helps your feet become more softer and smoother. Cocoa butter cream with vit. E is also very effective for dry and rough feet.

Try these simple natural foot care tips :-
Coconut oil - Massage your feet with coconut oil, it is very simple way to soothe and hydrate tired your feet. 

Vaseline - Apply a layer of Vaseline on your feet at night regularly. This will changes your texture of your skin and makes it smooth.

Rose water and Glycerine - Combine Rose water and glycerine together and fill it in a bottle. Use this solution daily on your feet. It helps to repair your cracks  and prevent your feet from itching and irritation. 

A proper care and regular foot massage is essential for our feet. Massage improves our blood circulation and makes our feet soft and smooth. By these, keeps your feet beautiful  young and looking fresh always.

If these simple foot care tips works for you or you share your favorite tips. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

Stay happy and beautiful !!!!