Glitter Nail Art Ideas - Try some bling - bling

Glitter is the thing that shine the material or part when we can apply it. Like eye shadows, when we apply it on our eyes , its looks amazing and enhanced the beauty of our eyes. Although it is most important thing that what type of dress or outfit you choose to wear and what type of make up, hairstyle, accessories are go with your dress. Same like these things, nail polish or nail paint is essential part of your personality.

Today, I have got an idea from net with glitter nail polish that inspire you. Try anyone nail art idea and improve your skills. Don't think much more, glitter nail art always hit the street. They are perfect with party wear's and festive wear's but avoid this idea with causal wear's. So, check out the pics and pick you next art for you nails.

Glitter Nail Art Idea's- 

Glitter nail art is  very simple and easy art. 

In this image, you do simple thing, first to apply blue nail paint on your nails than wait for a minute. Apply glitter nail polish on it or sprinkle Blue-green Pearlescent glitter powder on wet nail polish. You can use your favorite color paint . Now, you got a fantastic idea.

In second image, there is shaded art with two nail polish. First you apply a pink colour glitter nail polish after that from nail tip apply purple nail polish to half with cotton ball. Than apply one coat of the purple glitter. This looks beautiful, you can apply matching nail polish with your outfit in two shades.

Or you can try darker shades.

This image of nail art is so elegant and sober. This type of nail paint goes with any color of dress. In this, white color background and multicoloured glitter looks so pretty on your nails.

This is black and silver colour combination. Black plain nail paint with silver glitter. This is also very cool and fancy idea.

Or you can try this idea also, first apply plain black mail paint than use sliver glitter nail paint in zig zag pattern.

In this, different color in different finger nail. This is very funky look.

In this image, overall silver glitter nail polish. This is also go with every dress and enhance you beauty.

Or you can apply on half nail like this.

Golden metallic nail paint is so graceful and you can use this with black outfit , it looks amazing. Golden glitter nail paint goes with all dress.

Like above, this is triple shade in this image. Apply one  by one shade of nail paint with the help of cotton in shaded manner and than after few minutes apply one coat of glitter nail paint.

Try these ideas with glitter, glitter in the fashion trend . You will need to do is to find your favorite color nail polish and put it as a shown in pictures, that’s it. In couple of minutes, you will have bling bling beautiful nails.

Try and enjoy !!!