Best 3 Daily skin care routine for dry skin of your face - Save your skin from dry and cold weather

As you all know that all environmental conditions have their own affects on our body. We want to keep our body as well as our skin happy, healthy and good looking. Skin is the largest part of our body that mainly effected by the weather, skin is our outer shell that we present or show to the world each and every day in our life. In any season, our skin has huge effect either it is hot or cold. We always struggling with the different cosmetics and beauty products to achieve perfect skin. 

Winter season brings dry and rough conditions that strip skin of its natural moisture. Cold and harsh winds mostly irritates our delicate skin of face, lips and hands. This is also leads to red patches, dead skin, clog pores, acne. If you do not care it properly than age effects or wrinkles can seen early on your face.

I also experience the worst winter when my skin becomes dry and rough. It feels so uncomfortable
flaky and itchy skin. I often spends a lot of money and time on my skin products but it really not works. Only buying a good product is not enough, you should follow a proper skin care regime throughout the year. If you want maintain your skin glow, healthy and charming than you should develop a daily dry skin care routine. 

So, if you feels tight, dry, flaky, itchy, sore and uncomfortable dried out, its means your skin is dry skin. You always had a dry skin or its any beauty products effects or winter effects that makes your skin flaky or dry, there is no need to worry. By follow this dry skin care regime in your daily routine that helps your dry skin and make your skin soft and glowy. 

I share my daily dry skin care routine which help me out. I have divided my daily routine into 3 simple sections in a day that makes my skin clean and soft. These three simple parts in a day are:-

1. Morning section
2. Day section
3. Night section

I try to describe all steps clearly to keep your dry skin healthy and prevent it from drying. 

Best 3 Daily skin care routine for dry skin of your Face - 

1. Morning section

In morning section, you should follow these steps and include them in your daily skin care regime.

First, you should always wash your face with lukewarm water, do not use cold water because it constricts your skin pores. This will freshen you up. 

On wet face, use a mild cleanser which is suits your dry skin, massage it on your wet face for a minute.Than wash off with Luke warm water. Always avoid harsh or chemical cleansers. 

After cleaning, now you can use a mild or organic skin toner. If you not like market bought skin toner than you can use rose water. I always used it, it gives coolness and freshness on my face . 

Now, Apply a thin layer of moisturizer which is for dry skin. Mild and Milk cream or moisturizer is best for your dry skin. Than massage it in circular motion, leave it for 5 -8 minutes. 

If you are going to step out in sun, than use sunscreen or day cream on your face and neck. It will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and protected from the sun. 

If you want to wear a foundation, then you may use it after applying your day cream or sunscreen. Mineral foundation is good for your dry skin. 

2. Day section

Only morning section is not sufficient for your skin type, do not forget to take care of your skin during the day. For Day section you should follow these simple steps -

Always carry your moisturizer or day cream, lip balm or moisture rich lipstick, Vaseline in your bag. 

If you feel your skin tight or dry than during your first morning break or coffee break, just walk to the wash room and use another thin layer of moisturizer which is used in the morning. keep your skin hydrated. 

If your lips becomes dry than apply a good lip balm, gloss or lipstick. 

Drink a lot of water and fluids, this will naturally keep your skin hydrated from inside. 

3. Night section

Before going to bed, it is very important to follows these steps-

First wash your face with lukewarm water, on wet face use a good dry skin makeup remover to clean your face properly.  
If you feel that there is some traces of makeup on your skin than use your mild cleanser.  
Apply mild scrub on your wet face and slowly massage it in circular manner.This will helps you to remove flaky and dead deposition of cell on your face and make your skin smooth and clean. You can use scrub once or twice in a weak. 
Now apply a thick creamy moisturizer or a good night cream. This will help to nourish your skin while you sleep, making your skin more smooth and soft. 

I hope this can be the best dry skin care routine for dry skin and this will help you too!!!!

Try these simple steps at your home and do tell me, what will you experience.