Floral Nail Art Ideas - With Beautiful Pictures

Every women want to look perfect from head to toe. Normally, we use matching lipstick and nail paint with our outfits but now the trend is change. The matching - matching thing is good, there is thousand of options are available for our nails. Floral, animal , abstract print etc looks cool on our nails and these different nail art enhance our beauty also. You can draw or make your own design with your favorite color combination or paste sticker on your nail. There is different types of stickers are available in market. Matching Beads or pearls are also be used in nail art trend.

Today, I do manicure myself at home than search a trendy nail art ideas on net. I found some floral nail art ideas which looks good and i try it. Its looks elegant and blooms my nails with this floral nail art. So, I want to share with you some nail art  ideas.

Floral Nail Art Idea's -

Some beautiful floral nail art ideas are-

In this image, the light background nail paint color enhance the floral design. Pink color flowers and green leaves. This is very easy design and you can use your favorite color nail paints.

Second image is so beautiful, pink shaded roses. Try it, it looks amazing on your nails.

I love it, smiley daisy flower makes you smile when you see it on your nails.

Blue color combination with white, it looks so cool and elegant.

Polka dots on three finger nails with floral nail design on left nails. It looks different and marvelous.

Try these simple and easy floral nail art on your nails and enjoy it.