Women Pumps Shoe- Shoes every woman should own

Pumps are a very common  and popular  style type of women shoes that are very difficult to define. Pumps shoes have many variations and typically close-toed, often have a heel, and can be made up of many variety of fabric, leather and other materials. 

Modern women loves to wear pumps because these are suitable for almost all the occasions. Pumps are now considered as a fashion essential for every women, you can wear this with any dress, skirt , formal suits, and pants. You can select pumps according to your style, comfort and match with your outfits.

Sometimes high heels pumps are harmful for you feet, and causes various problems. If you are not comfortable with high heels than you can choose low heel or flats pumps which puts less pressure on your toes. 

Wear high heels only on special occasion instead of wearing them regularly. In trend of fashion, classic pumps are now renew into various types according to their need. So, here are the category of different pumps shoes.

Types of Pumps Shoes

Pumps shoes types are based on high or low heels, open or closed toes and different kinds of fabric or materials. You can be worn any type of pumps shoes with matching dress attire or as casual wear. You must know about the variety of pumps shoes than you can match it better with your outfits.

Classic Pumps


Classic pumps are simple and generally have a heel of 3-5 inches. This is closed toe shoe made up of natural or patent leather. It is very comfortable and suitable for everyday use. Mostly, this is popular in formal or workplace.

Open-Toe Pump

This pump shoe have opening at the front to expose the toes. These shoes are ideal for office with formal attire. Heels of open toe pump varies in between  3-5 inches and some are also have open sides design.

High-Heeled Pumps

High heeled pumps are generally worn in parties and functions. They are not appropriate for your office. Heels of this ranging in 4-8 inches with etched designs or intricate jewellery. They also available in open toe and closed both.

Sling-Back Pumps


Sling back pumps have a strap that around the top or back of your ankle. Heels on this also the same as classic pumps. They also available in open toe or open sides. They are good for your workplace or you can wear this with semi causal occasion.

Kitten Heel Pumps

A kitten heel pumps are low heel shoes, heels ranging in 1.5- 2 inches. They are very comfortable and suitable for every occasion. They are also available in both open and closed toe. Made-up of leather or fabric with different colours.