Latest skirts trends – The Best Skirt Style For Your body type

A bad dressing can impact your overall look and character. You must know how to choose a best dress for you. This is depends upon your figure which dress suits you.

The skirt is a dress which is  heavily flexible, even in place of a formal occasion, or the casual occasion. This is the main reasons why skirts are so popular. Wearing a good and a stylish skirt can make you look stunning. Skirt is an essential product in a every woman’s wardrobe. 

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These are more versatile than the other outfits. Skirts have many designs and forms.  We can wear skirt on any event in formal and non formal. You must know about the stylish skirt designs and forms of skirts  to look contemporary or Modern.

Skirt are the dress which is suits on all types of body shapes but one thing is important that you must know that which one is best for you. There is some guideline which helps you in selecting the right skirt .

Types of skirts according to you body shape –

Straight skirts-

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Straight skirts are very popular  and very similar to maxi dresses. These are tight fitted around your waist and loose downwards. These are also suitable for formal occasions, and lengths range from ankle to knee. Latest trend is to wear straight skirts with centre split, inverted pleats, flaps and overlapping designs. This skirt suits on all body types, you can wear with high heels and crop tops.

A-Line Skirts-

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A line skirts is including in top ten skirt trends, mostly every women have this in wardrobe. This skirt has the same shape as the letter –A due to this is called A line skirt. These are  fit tightly at your waist, emphasising your hips and thighs but further down they flare and wide just like the shape of a letter ‘A’. This skirt draws attention to your hips because of the good fitting and therefore is very popular amongst curvier women. There is other variations of this type of skirt is Godet, Gypsy and Paneled skirts.

Godet skirts – 

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In this skirt, the piece of fabric in triangular pieces that are inserted from the body to the  hemline. This adding volume to the circular bottom. The women who have wider waist should try this shirt, it gives you slimming look and draws attention from this area to the hemline.

Gypsy skirts –

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Gypsy skirt is ankle length skirt which have tiers with or without ruffles. The horizontal panels of a gypsy skirt could be attached by simply sewing them or by having lace insets. This skirts suits on all body type. For pear shape women, avoid extra paneling and crinkling round your hip area because it can easily draw attention towards that area.

Paneled skirts-

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This is A-line skirts with vertical panels of fabric stitched from the waist to the hem. These skirts gives slimming looks on the wearer, mostly  curvier women's wear this.

Tube or pencil skirts –

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These are fitted from your waist to the knee. There is small difference in between the Tube and the pencil skirts. Pencil skirts are knee length and tube skirts are the ankles or calf length. These skirts with a slit at the back and mostly worn by slim people with an hourglass body shape. This is no for flaws or heavier figure. These skirts are suitable and popular for formal occasion.You can wear with jackets or formal shirts or tops and formal footwear. Belts are the best accessories for highlighting your waist with this skirt. 

Bubble skirts–

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Bubble skirts have a hems  that goes in all around the skirt circumference, to create puffy ballon like shape to the skirt. These are fall in and out of fashion,but women like this type and having to  one in her wardrobe.Bubble skirts are puffy in shape and hence it suits on a slim body type. 

Wrap skirts – 

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Wrap skirts are just rectangular pieces of fabrics which you wrap around your waist. These skirts could be knee length or ankle length. After wrapping the skirt, the shape reflects a straight or A- line skirt. These skirts are suitable for all body types. Slim may prefer to wear shorter wrap arounds. You can wrap arounds with heels or flats.