Top 5 Egg Face Masks for Wrinkles:- Anti– Aging Face masks

Wrinkles are a natural process of aging. With the time, our skin get saggy and loose. Proper anti- aging skin care routine is so important after 30s. 

As you all know that major factor of wrinkles is aging, as you get older, naturally your skin becomes less elastic, natural oil production in your skin is decreases due to this your skin appear more dry and shows fine lines. Decreases fat in deeper layers of your skin. This causes saggy and loose skin and fine lines are more visible. 

Always keeps  your skin hydrated. Moisturising is very essential for our skin and the use of creams which contains collagen or vitamin E can help to restore our skin’s elasticity and reduce wrinkles. 

Another main cause of wrinkles is Sun Exposure, U.V. Rays speed up  the aging process, U.V. Rays damage your skin connective tissues due to this your skin loses elasticity, strength and flexibility. Your skin begins to saggy and premature wrinkles. 

Generally, we spends hundreds or even thousands to get younger and wrinkle free skin. If we starts anti- aging regime early, the chances of wrinkles is less. Your skin would remain tight and firm for a longer period of time. 

Anti- aging regime in parlour is very costly, or even not possible to take these surgeries, face lifts and cuts. These some times very mess up our facial features. My mother always uses homemade natural Face packs and her skin looks so younger. If you used these anti- aging Face-packs on the regular basis, you will get good result.  

Eggs are rich in proteins, but egg white in particular are great to tone and firm your skin. It  helps to reduce the appearance of large pores on your skin and makes your skin smooth. 

Besides, eggs acts as face  lifter, it also great for cleansing purposes and remove lot of impurities if you use it as a mask. If you used egg in face mask, it can help in reducing fine lines and restore your skin elasticity. 

Eggs are especially used for skin tightening. So, use these anti aging face masks and soon you get the result.

Top 5 Egg Face Masks for wrinkles 

Pure Egg white face mask

You can use directly egg  on you face, first separate egg whites from yolk. Apply fresh egg whites to your face and neck, leave mask for 20 minutes. Wash it off with Luke  warm water. Egg whites helps in reduce wrinkles and contracts your saggy skin.

Egg-white with  honey face mask

Take egg white, 1 tbsp honey and mix it well. Apply this mixture on your face and neck. Leave it for 15- 20 minutes, rinse with water. This face mask provides moisture to your skin and toned your skin.

Egg-white with lemon juice face mask

Take egg white and mix 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice. You can also add few drops of honey in it. Mix it well and apply it on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes, than wash it off. It makes your skin soft and remove dark spots from your face.

Egg- white with yoghurt face mask

Take egg white, 1 tbsp yoghurt,  few granules of brown sugar. Mix all the ingredients well. Apply this mixture on your face and neck. Gently massage your skin and leave it for 10 minutes. After that, wash it off with cool water. This face mask removes  dead skin cells and tightening loose skin. 

Egg-white with oatmeal face mask

Take egg white, 1 tbsp oatmeal and make a paste. Apply this paste on your face, wait for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water. By using this face mask, you feels the skin tightening.

For beautiful and firm skin, you would love to try these best egg face masks , but  for better result used on the regular basis. After all, you all know the beautiful, tight and firm skin is the key to timeless beauty.