Vegetable salad with pasta – Finger food for toddlers

Vegetables are the rich source of nutrition for babies. Mostly, they are not like veggies. So, I have idea to twist the veggies in new form and make the veggies more tasty and nutritive for babies. I am sure your Baby also like new form of veggies with different taste. So, start with ingredients 

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Ingredients -
1 potato 
½ carrot
4-5 dice of pumpkin
2 tbsp green peas
½ cup boiled pasta
1 teaspoon butter
You can use your own choice of veggies that your baby like most.

  • First you wash the all veggies properly and peel it with peeler.
  • Cut the veggies into the small size cubes. Steam or microwave the veggies and give time to cool them.
  • Take a saucepan, add 1 teaspoon butter, add steamed veggies cubes and saute it. It gives a nice flavour to the dish.
  • Now, add boiled pasta in veggies.
  • Transfer them on your baby favourite plate or bowl.
Happy Eating 😊