Natural Teeth Whitening Home Remedies: For a Beautiful Smile

Every one wants to have a smile with white sparkling teeth which lighten up the room as well as the mind of that person who met us first time.Teeth are the first impression which  people notice in our personality. This shows that how much we take care of ourselves. White Teeth are a sign of our good health. When we see a celebrities on a TV, we also want beautiful smile with white teeth, no one like a yellow smile.

Yellowish teeth or teeth discoloration is due to improper care and also from aging. In our today's society, good teeth is very important. Mostly, 20 percent of people spends hundred dollars only for teeth bleaching. They spend money and their time in dentist visits. Teeth bleaching is good but having their own side effects.
Research has shown that whitening of teeth can damage the teeth by removing the enamel. Over bleaching Of teeth creates new problem in our teeth,sometimes people have needed root canals treatment. These chemicals also results in tooth sensitivity, especially  with eating hot and cold food items.
The best way to whiten your teeth is by eating lots of healthy foods for strong bones, teeth and gums. Also avoid coffee, tea and sugary foods in your daily diet. Stop smoking if you smoke. 

Home remedies for whitening teeth-

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has the anti-bacterial property which is works as a cleaner of mouth and gum. It keeps the mouth germ free. It prevents the growth of bacteria, infections,and bad breath.Hydrogen peroxide with powdery substance baking soda both together are super-effective in teeth whitening. Mix small quantity of both to make a paste. Brush your teeth with this paste once in a week. Do not used too frequently or regularly, it can wear away your tooth enamel.

Baking soda and lemon

Baking soda is used with lemon is also very effective in whitening of our teeth. Squeezed a lemon in a small amount of baking soda and mix it well. Before brushing, apply this solution on your teeth with the help of cotton. Leave the solution for a minute than brush your teeth. It helps to remove excess plaque from your teeth.Do not leave the mixture more longer than a minute because it can be erode your tooth enamel.

Strawberry is rich in vitamin C and contains Malic acid in it. This acid helps to remove stains and yellowness from the teeth. Vitamin C helps to cure plaque. So, make a paste of strawberry and apply on your teeth. You can also  directly rub the strawberry on teeth. Do this once or twice a week for positive results. 
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar has been proven that it does work in teeth whitening  but you have to be consistent and regular. It  takes time at least a month for a good result .It helps to remove the stains of tea, coffee and nicotine but of continuous usage. But be careful, it can remove the teeth enamel also. Use once in a week, after applying this solution you will need to brush with a regular toothpaste and rinse your mouth.

Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut oil has anti bacterial and anti microbial properties which is good for our mouth, gums and teeth. This is an Indian home remedy used to enhance our oral health.
Oil pulling method is very simple, effective and very inexpensive. So,put  one tablespoon of a pure coconut oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes and swish it between your teeth. Than spit the oil and rinse your mouth with water.You can also applying oil with tooth brush. 

Brushing regularly

Brushing your teeth twice daily in morning and before going to bed. This is the easiest and simple method to clean, stained free and germ free your teeth. Regular brushing prevents any mouth infection as well as bad breath. Clean and clear teeth looks good and white.