How to have younger looking hands- keeping hands beautiful

We are mostly take care of our face, apply different beauty products on our face to look younger and wants to stop aging but what about your hands? We are forget about our hands aging, next to the face our hands are the most visible part of our body. 

At a certain point of our age, looking younger starts to sound good. We do daily skin care regime for our face and neck but sign of aging will show earlier in our hands than the face. The skin of our hands is very  delicate and thin. There is  no fat under the skin of hands because of this the veins are so visible. 

As we grow older, Our hands also need extra care because they are always doing so much hard work for us  so we often taken for granted.
Now from today, include your hands in your daily skin care regime and do proper care like you do for your face. The best way to maintain your hands younger are -

Beauty tips to keeping your hands beautiful

Protect your hands

When you are washing dishes or clothes, always wear the rubber gloves . The soaps and detergents are very harsh for your hands even for your nails. 
When you are scrubbing the pans or pots with these cleaning agents, they have chemicals and bleach which is hard on your skin and causes ageing. So, wear gloves for every time you wash dishes or clothes or anything with soaps and detergents and protect your hands.

Exfoliation of your hands skin

Exfoliation is the process in which we remove the dead skin cells with the help of scrubber or exfoliator. Use a scrub on your back of hand and massage it for 5 minutes and than wash you hands. You can use same scrub that you use on your face. It makes your skin smooth, exfoliate your hands at least once in a week. 
You can make your own home made scrubber, take 1 tbsp sea salt and mixed with lemon juice. Rub this solution on your hands with an old toothbrush. It helps remove any dead skin cells.

Keep your cuticles neat and clean 

Generally, our nail cuticles overgrow and we are trying to trim it, but it is very difficult task. Cuticles works as barriers to bacteria and fungus for our nails. Never cut your cuticles with your teeth or with nail cutter. Keep them hydrates with lotion and use a wooden cuticle pusher. Keep you cuticles clean and infection free.

Moisturizing your hands

After washing your hands, use moisturizer on your hands properly. Use a mild soap for washing your hands. Moisturizing is very important for thin skin of hands. Every washing your hands moisturizer remove out with soap.Make your habit of applying moisturizer after each washing and drying your hands. Just after one day, you will notice the difference.

Apply sunscreen daily

Like your face, your hands are also exposed to the sun. As we all know that sun rays are the biggest cause of premature aging. So, always
use a high SPF sunscreen or sun block on your hands, especially when driving your car. The UV rays  causes 90% of the fine lines, wrinkles, discolorations to your body.