How to cure dry and dark elbows at home ?

Mostly, we all are focusing on our facial skin and do proper care of it but forget about our elbows. An even fair skin tone adds to your beauty and having dark dry  elbows can detract from it. This is very embarrassing situation especially for women, this makes you self conscious and decrease confidence about wearing short sleeves or sleeve less dresses.

The skin of our elbows is usually thicker and folded more than its surrounding skin. The elbow skin tends to be drier due to absence of oil glands in it. These dry elbows already serve up discomfort and becomes dark due to deposition of dead skin cells on it. In this situation , never neglect to cure these dark and dry elbows as this will not harmful but it will spoil your beauty and affects your personality. 

While dry elbow skin is thin and serve up discomfort. Disposition of dead skin cell become darken over time and even exposed to the sun. This problem needs proper care and nourishment. If you do gentle treatment and daily moisturisation. This will remove dead skin cells and makes your elbows softer , lighter and even skin tone again. 

How to cure dry and dark elbows at home ?

Home treatment requires a proper care of skin on regular basis.
This treatment includes these following steps:-
  • Scrubbing 
  • Cleansing 
  • Moisturizing  
  • Lightening.

Scrubbing or Exfoliation :-

Exfoliation or scrubbing is helps you to remove dry and dead skin cell from your elbows. 
First, take a little amount of scrub and apply on each elbow. Gently rub in circular motion for 5 minutes. Rinse with water.

You can purchase a fine-grained scrub from a market or your made it at home by using natural ingredients.

Take 1/2 tbsp wheat germ, 2 tbsp oats, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1/4 cup of cream in a bowl and mix it well. Apply this scrub on your elbows. Use a scrub twice a week before showering for best results.

Cleansing :-

For providing hydration to your elbows skin, cleanse your elbows skin with a nourishing shower oil on a shower puff to soften elbow skin. Rinse with warm water.

Add fragrance free hydrating cream to your cleansing routine for maximum absorption. You can use petroleum Jelly or creams on dry elbows which provided hydration. Coat your elbows with a thick layer of petroleum jelly or cream while dry and rinse it off in the shower to help lock in the moisture from your creamy cleanser. 

Avoid creams with chemical moisturizers and heavy fragrances, they can irritate the skin.

Moisturizing :-

Moisturization of skin is also very important, lack of moisture in skin causes dryness or flacky skin. Elbow skin is generally hard from our other skin, So use of regular moisturizer not very effective. You can use moisturizer which contains Sunflower-seed oil and lanolin emollients. Creams with Emollient create a barrier on your skin to keep hydration intact and protect it from drying skin. 

Take a small amount of thick emollient cream and apply over each elbow while damp, to allow it to absorb deeply. Apply moisturizer daily after showering and at night before bed.

Lightening :-

Dryness and deposition of dead skin cell cause of black and dark skin of elbows. You  can   choose a skin lightening serum which   contains vitamin C, glycolic acid, kojic acid or licorice extract. 

Take a quarter-sized amount of lightening serum into each elbow and massage it on circular manner. These help to remove dead and dry skin and prevent over production of melanin pigments.

Always use a sunscreen on elbows when going out for the day, it keep sin exposure.

Note :- If you still find dry, patchy dry elbows after a couple weeks of this treatment, see your dermatologist.