How to choose best LIPSTICK for you ?

LIPSTICK is a beauty product that every women loves to wear it. Lipstick is used to enhance the beauty which give the perfect finishing touch to your face. The college going girls to working women or homemaker to old women , we all of us have a bunch of lipsticks. But in a bunch of lipstick, some shades you love to wear all the time and some are not even you used. You know the reason? Yes, you all know that we all fallen love with the lipstick when we go to the store for buying. 

Sometimes, we buy wrong shade which does not suits us and shade clashes with our complexion.The million of shades are available in the market with different textures, which becomes confusing that lipstick colour is perfect for you and which is not, at time of purchasing.

Choosing the perfect lipstick colour can be a tough job but it became easier when you choosing a lipstick shade according to your skin tone, shape of lips and mouth. Every women have different skin tone and lip shape.

So, These are some advices that can help you to avoid making expensive mistake with lipstick:

Identify Your Undertone

Identification of our undertone is very easy and based on two colour of skin. Every women has undertone of either yellow colour or pink colour. Yellow colour is warmer undertone and pink is cooler undertone.
The easy trick to identify your skin undertone is :-

First,you look at veins on your arms , if the veins of your arm is blue and skin colour is pale means you has cool skin and pink undertone. If your veins is green and less obvious means you has warmer skin and yellow undertone. If you feel it confusing than try the second way.

Second, hold a gold and silver jewellery near to your face. Which one is lights up your complexion and suits you ? The best reveals that you have warm or cool skin tones. Gold looks better on warm yellow skin tone while silver enhances cool pink skin tone. Knowing your undertone is very helpful when you are trying to select best lipsticks shade for you.

Choose shades according to you undertone

After you have identified your skin tone, apply that to lipstick. If you have warmer or yellow undertones than you suit a warm colours or shades like cappuccino, caramel, browns with gold and bronze. If you have cool or pink undertone you look for shades with blue or purple tones , light pinky reds and blue-toned reds and beige's.
If you are in Doubt than you can also stick to the shades that are typically suit olive, fair and darker skin tones.

Best lipstick shades according to skin tone

Fair Skin Tones

Women with fair skin tone can use medium toned lipsticks like pinks, corals along with deep reds, plums or browns, caramel or brick brown shades.You can look fantastic in bold red and deep colours but avoid too light shades. This skin tone look best in cool blue-based shades.Lipsticks with gloss is often recommended.

Medium or Olive Skin tone


Women with olive or medium skin tone look beautiful in warm shades that are yellow based like brown, coffee, caramel, brownish red ,peach and deep pink. But always avoid using light colours like mauve shades or orange-red because they not suits you. If you have medium skin tone you go with golden shades, all shades of red, sherry berry, coral brown and brown based mauves.If you have pale skin, you can use nudes, beige, light shades as light pink, light corals and peaches tones.

Darker Skin Tones

Women have darker skin tone should follow one rule is that the deeper your skin tone, the deeper the shade of lipstick can be used. Best shades are brown reds, rose pink, plum shades, red, dark red, brown, chocolate,orange and pastel. You can use almost all shades and colours of lipsticks.But only try to avoid bright and neon shades of pink, pastels and orange because it will make your lips look too loud.

Tricks To Keep In Mind

• While choosing your lipstick shade it is best to try it on our palm under natural light.

• Check the texture according to your lips.

• You can blend two similar shades till you get a shade that suits you the best.

• Before applying lipstick, use a lip balm as it helps to increase the staying power of the lipstick.

• Press tissue paper between both lips after applying the lipstick to get Matt effect.