Diet for Summer Season

Summers are very hot and dry season. So , it is important to take proper diet and water daily, due to taking good diet its keep the body cool and hydrated. In India,the summers is very hot and comes with many discomforts like dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting and many more.

There is a natural trend for all of us to eat light during this season. But is said that in this season, we all of us burn a lot of energy, thus we have to change or replace this energy by eating healthy and right food.

Some food items in our daily diet to keep us cool and healthy and helps to beat the summers, these are as follows:-

Summer fruits- Watermelon, melons, pineapple,mango, kiwi,papaya etc are the fruits which are easily available and having high quantity of water content in it . These fruits helps in dehydration and keep body temperature. 

Vegetables- This is the best season for variety of fresh veggies. Cucumbers, kakkadi, bottle guard,bitter guard, ladyfinger are very light veggies for consuming. These veggies helps your body system to feel cool and light. Different types of salads and sauces of mint and green coriander you can make and take with your meal which helps you to reduce weight. 

Milk and Yoghurt - Cold milk , lassi , curd , buttermilk, shrikhand etc are the cool reliefers in summers. Include a glass go buttermilk or chaos in your meal or eat plain curd. These are great coolers and prevent dehydration. Curd contains proteins which keep allergies and ulcers away from you. 

Juices and Soups- Fresh juice of sugarcane, bottle guard and cucumber and soups of tomatoes makes your Body feel light and cool . These items provides relief from heat and also very beneficial for your health. 

Drink plenty of water - Water regulates our body temperature and keep body cool . And also prevents from dehydration.
Fresh lime juice and coconut water is also very good reliever in summers.